Akachain creates the enabling environment for enterprise adoption of the blockchain to allow businesses to increase efficiency, reduce cost, enhance data security, maximize revenue, gain an advantageous competitive edge over competitions. These it has done by eliminating the hindrances behind mass adoption.

The Team

Our team of blockchain developers has a strong track-record across a wide range of enterprise sectors including banking, pharmaceuticals, logistics, telecommunications, and media. Across every advance in blockchain from full nodes, smart contracts, sidechains, and wallets, we have leading experts on board who can provide specialist knowledge.

The Solution

Akachain, an end to end, permissioned, multi-chain network based on the HyperLedger Fabric having both a main chain and subordinate private chains which are linked together by the Privacy Preserved Bridge Protocol which stores private data cryptographically to ensure transparency and security with a focus on empowering business innovations and creating a fair and objective network environment.

The Process

Our team works closely with our clients to define the scope of a project during its initial phase. Following on from the inception of the client’s own blockchain idea, we explore its feasibility and consider, with the client, what the optimal approach would be. For example, we take a look at how a blockchain solution can provide maximum value to the maximum number of participants, which is one of the inherent strengths of a blockchain. Our team’s knowledge and experience will fit seamlessly with the software development lifecycle of any organization; we will ensure that you, as our client, are excited, engaged, and well informed until the launch of your bespoke blockchain solution.