About Akachain

Akachain's mission is to enable enterprise private transactions. With smart contract, it's never a problem to manage complex agreements over a variety of assets. Akachain is applied across industries, include:






How it works

  1. Akachain is multi-chain network, including one main chain and subordinate private chains which are linked by The Privacy Preserved Bridge Protocol. The PPBP stores private data in cryptographic verifiable proofs on those chains to ensure transparency and security.
  2. Based on HyperLedger Fabric, Akachain focuses on security and builds trust not only in B2C but also in B2B environment through practical use cases.
  3. Akachain uses Proof of Burn consensus algorithm to create fairness, motivation within platform's ecosystem.
  4. Partner in network pay AKCoin as transaction fee for validator.
  5. Akachain is included pre-built middleware on each domain/application, which can help enterprise having idea generation, PoC and faster customization.

Why Akachain?


Akachain is a multi-chain network developed for enterprise adoption, for which the privacy is always a top concern. Akachain supports any group of companies to build their own D-app, whose transactions are distributed in private chains that are linked by The Privacy Preserved Bridge Protocol. The PPBP stores private data in cryptographic verifiable proofs on those chains to ensure transparency and security. As such, these transactions will not be exposed to external groups (for exp, competitors).


Integrity is defined as critical feature as it decides the end-to-end process of a transaction. A transaction is completed only when it's confirmed without ambiguity and reversal. Akachain pays effort to efficiently prevent errors during operation and thus eliminate the possibility of disruption.


A network encompasses numerous transactions, each of which might relate to multiple operations. Offers, conversion, payments, discounts, communication are examples for operations that constitute a transaction. The more complex the transaction is, the heavier workload system has to carry. Depending on the hardware and configurations, a conserative estimate for Akachain's processing rate is 2000 transactions per second.


Akachain focuses on effective governance to smoothly operate a network with hundreds of agreements assessed by thousands of participants, ensuring the transparency. Akachain simplifies and allows governance tools to set up agreements, assign roles, provide authorization and deliver consents to participants. In short, participants are authorized to fully take control over their agreements.


TCO (Total cost of ownership) includes cost of infrastructure and licensing fee to run chain code. Akachain is confident to offer a competitive TCO from Q2'2019, until then the joining fee is totally free for all participants.

Akachain Enterprise Accelerator

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    Middleware application

    Provide middleware application that enterprise can easy to apply use case, PoC in different industries.

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    Fast Track implementation

    Provide consulting service, best practice to accelerate the process of blockchain adoption.

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    Provide 24/7 support, performance monitoring, upgrade deployment schedule and security enhancement.


Use case


The fact that it costs much more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one while existing customers spend more on the brand points out the importance of loyalty program. The Loyalty Report 2017 reveals that on average consumers are only engaged in 50% of total loyalty programs they are involved. This means, businesses are wasting budget while their loyal customers receive no additional value. How can Utop help solve this problem, facilitating companies to utilize their money spent on loyalty programs?



Utop proposes a blockchain-based loyalty platform to enable the conversion of customers' accumulated loyalty into a pre-defined common point that can be used to exchange for tangible reward in subsequent purchases. The use of smart contracts will facilitate the merchants to easily enter the coalition, decide rules without going through a lengthy negotiation process. When multiple loyalty programs are compatible, customer experience is magnified to a larger extent and companies achieve their optimal level of budget utilization.



Utop aims to brings about a convenient way to accumulate, convert and redeem for a special reward at any shopping points. We help businesses to optimize their budget spent on loyalty programs, increasing the conversion rate at the same cost paid out.


From the customers' lens, it's completely beneficial to combine different loyalty programs for a redemption. As such, the value of loyalty scheme becomes more visible to customers and thus their experience journey is much improved.


Utop works on the principle of trust which is the fundamental of sharing economy. Entering the coalition, participants are authorized to create rules, provide offers and make a deal.

Akachain Roadmap

We are open to share what we’ve been through and the direction we’re taking on